Shutter Curtain Options
The roller shutter door curtain is constructed from fully interlocking laths which are retained by nylon, pressed metal, or cast iron end locks, riveted at both ends of every alternate lath to prevent lateral movement, complete with appropriate bottom rail. The following options, dependant upon application, are available :-

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Standard 76mm concave lath
A 76mm deep, concave profile, roller mild steel galvanised section, suitable for most applications, available in 18, 20, & 22swg thickness, offering a high degree of security. Available in solid, perforated, or plastisol styles.

Standard 50mm flat lath
A 50mm deep, flat profile, rolled mild steel galvanised section in 20 & 22swg thickness, the most commonly used alternative for commercial roller shutter doors.

Aluminium 50mm flat lath
A 50mm deep, mill finished extruded aluminium section in 1.4mm thickness, ideal for counters and servery hatches.

Insulated Lath
A flat lath profile, mild steel glavanised section available in 24swg thickness, interlocked to create a double skin section, filled with 20mm thick polystyrene insulation, providing a ‘U’ value of 0.733W/m2K. Ideal where temperature control between environments is of importance.

Tube and Link grille
Constructed from galvanised mild steel or aluminium tubes and links fitted onto an 8mm diamtere steel or aluminium bar giving an open ‘brick bond’ pattern approximately 223mm wide x 58mm deep, interlocked together by star lock serrated washers at both ends of every bar. This type of curtain is ideal for shop fronts, counters, car parks or areas requiring security, whilst still allowingf good airflow and visibility.

Constructed from tough injection moulded plastic and fitted onto a 6mm diameter aluminium bar, locked together by star lock serrated washers at both ends of every bar. An aesthetically pleasing grille ideal for counters, bars, and servery hatches.