Industrial Shutters

Our industrial roller shutter doors are used by many household named multi-national operations as well as sole traders alike. They provide access and security solutions to loading bays, goods inwards stores, car park entrances, and many other ‘high usage’ locations

Manually operated ‘hand chain’ roller shutter doors

Ideally suited to industrial applications, the curtain of the door is manually raised via a continuous haul chain which drives the fully sprung counter balanced roller barrel assembly. The roller barrel assembly is suspended by mild steel endplates that are either independently fixed from the side guides or with full length ‘flag-post’ angle to which the side guides are also secured. The spring assisted roller barrel is driven by a hand chain wheel mounted either directly at one end of the tube or via a series of reduction gears, dependant upon the size of the door.

Electrically operated ‘industrial’ roller shutter doors

Ideally suited for industrial applications that require frequent usage. All door components are identical to that of the manually operated ‘hand chain’ roller shutter door, except for the door being raised automatically by a 3 phase 415 volt electric motor in lieu of the hand chain wheel drive mechanism. The standard actuation method is via an up, down and stop push button station. A manual override continuous haul chain is provided for use in the event of a power failure. A single phase 240 volt option is available where site conditions dictate.